Pick up any magazine these days and you will be told that the secret to beautiful skin is drinking plenty of water. Celebrities, such as Elle Macpherson, swear by drinking up to three litres a day for that beautiful glow. As our natural hydration processes slacken as we age, we need to help things along by drinking plenty of water. While drinking water has many health and wellness benefits, how exactly does it affect the skin? Are the benefits really as great as they are made out to be? 

1. Water helps keep your skin clear by keeping you regular

Water plays a vital role in every system that keeps us functioning as human beings, and beautiful, hydrated and glowing skin is a fantastic side effect. Did you know that when your digestive system is sluggish, it puts a strain on your body because of a build-up of toxins, resulting in break outs, discolouration and dryness in our skin? Water, along with the right type of fibre in our diet, ensures that our digestive system is running efficiently, keeping things flowing and most importantly preventing a build-up of toxins and other nasties in our system.

2. Water wards off dehydration

As obvious as it sounds, when our bodies are dehydrated, our skin cells are also sallow, slack and prone to dryness. Replenishing them through moisturising is important, but can sometimes only deal with the problem at a surface level. Often what is needed is a good old fashioned glass of water. Not only does it hydrate, but it also energises you and your body’s cells. When we feel refreshed and energised, we radiate with health and wellbeing. That has to be a good thing right?!

When thinking about the effects of water on the skin, remember that skin is not just on the surface of your body, it is one of its largest organs. When it comes to organs, we know that 70% of them are made up of water. So if we have enough of it, it will hopefully function as it is supposed to and look great in the process!

3. Increase blood flow to your skin

Studies have shown that water increases the blood flow to the skin, making it look healthier and giving it that much-coveted glow. It works like an internal massage, plumping the skin and helping to optimise its function as a protector and filter. It’s definitely cheaper than beauty treatments, as when cells are plumped and working well, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is also diminished.

It’s a beauty treatment that is cheap and easy to get hold of, while providing many benefits beyond just your appearance. Drink more water and you will look and feel great!

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