Meet The Founder

SEEH Skincare Founder, Sophie, Chemical Engineer with a corporate background and passion for skincare formulating, launched SEEH Skincare in 2018.

Sophie has suffered all her life from dry and sensitive skin, redness and breakouts, and in her early 20s realised she also had an allergy to SLS (commonly found in foaming cleansers, shampoos and toothpaste). So she sought to develop a skincare line, safe for even the most sensitive of skin using gentle but active natural ingredients.

SEEH Skincare is co-developed by Sophie and a group of amazing chemists based in Sydney, Australia. Together we ensure that SEEH Skincare's products do exactly what they claim to do, they really work.

While most people think balancing a full time job, motherhood and side hustle is crazy, Sophie loves the hectic lifestyle. She takes a lot of fulfillment and joy in formulating the most effective and gentle products, researching new ingredients and ensuring every single customer gets the best service and experience.

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