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The SEEH Skincare ethos is simple.

We are committed to protecting our environment and lightening our footprint.

We give back to our community, invest in education initiatives and support projects that change peoples lives for the better.

Join the movement today.

We donate $1 from every purchase on your behalf!

SEEH Skincare is a proud contributor to the i=Change Project, a revolutionary new way of giving back with every purchase - and changing lives!

The project has raised over $1.4 million for numerous charities across world.

The i=Change project was founded with the aim to empower and inspire women and girls globally through the sharing of knowledge, acceleration of development projects and promotion of women's rights.

Importantly, 100% of funds raised are sent to carefully selected projects, no fees are deducted and it is compeltely transparent. You can track the difference you and others are making live here.