The jade stone facial roller is a facial massaging tool designed to release muscle tension. Sounds great right? If that's not enough to get you intrigued, these wonderful tools do so much more than make our facial muscles feel amazing...

Lymphatic drainage

The lymph system is the system that removes toxins and impurities that build up in our bodies. These toxins are introduced into our systems from both internal and external factors such as poor diet, alcohol and pollution.

By massaging the facial muscles in a certain way we can encourage the toxins and impurities under our skin to flow and collect in the lymph nodes so the body can eliminate them.

Make sure to follow the direction card that comes with your roller, as movement in specific directions is important to get the most out of your massage. Always move from the inside of your face outwards. This detoxification reduces visible puffiness and inflammation in the face and neck area. Your face will appear more relaxed and youthful as a result.

Stress Reduction and muscle relief

Our face is filled with many acupressure points, particularly around the jaw line, cheekbones and brow region. By using the stone roller to apply gently pressure to these points, you are able to relax the strained and tired muscles surrounding them.

Targeting the sides of the nose, the inner and mid eyebrow and the temples will help provide sinus relief and headache relief. Focus on the jawline and ears to relieve tension and tightness from clenching and grinding. Your face will feel great from the relief and it will show in the muscles on your face.

Boost Circulation

Poor circulation in the skin can leave our face looking sullen, dull and puffy. By stimulating the blood flow to our face and neck we increase the circulation of blood under the skins surface. This brings more oxygen to your skin cells and will greatly improve the tone and texture of your skin. 

Calm and reduce inflammation

Jade Stone facial rolling, and its ability to stimulate lymphatic drainage, helps remove toxins that collect in the layers of the skin.

These toxins can cause irritation and inflammation, so reducing them from under the skin surface can improve your skin complexion from the inside out. 

An added benefit of having a roller made of stone is the cooling effect, which further helps reduce puffiness and inflammation. For extra benefits put your roller in the refrigerator before use.

Promotes skin brightening, elasticity and collagen production

Actively massaging the muscles in your face, neck and decollete, increases blood flow to the layers of the skin. Increased oxygen and stimulation to the skin cells encourages skin cell regeneration, collagen and elastin production. 

Applying serums with your roller also encourages the products to be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. This can boost hydration and ensure the nutrients and actives in your serums can work their magic. 

There are so many reasons to regularly use a facial roller. Shop now to incorporate Jade Stone Facial Rolling into your skincare routine today, and keep your skin looking bright, healthy and glowing.

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