There are countless reasons why regular exfoliation should form part of your skincare regimen. Here are just a few...

It detoxifies and reduces congestion

Exfoliation allows you to remove the dead cells from the skin's surface that are collecting bacteria and debris from the environment, and unveil the fresh new cells from beneath. The exfoliating process, despite being gentle in nature, acts to stimulate blood flow to the epidermis and deeper layers of the skin and helps with the elimination of toxins through the lymphatic system. The deep cleansing nature of exfoliation, including the removal of bacteria and clogged pores also helps to reduce break outs, blackheads and blemishes. 

It promotes younger looking skin

Regular exfoliation helps promote skin rejuvenation, skin cell turn over, improves elasticity and stimulates blood flow. By increasing the rate of skin cell turnover in the skin we slow down the aging process and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Massaging and exercising the facial muscles whilst exfoliating is an added bonus. This will encourage the muscles to lift and sculpt the face, giving you a natural contouring effect.

It leaves you looking radiant 

Exfoliation helps to even out the skin tone and reduces the appearance of uneven pigmentation. It buffs and polishes, smoothing out the surface of the skin. The deep cleanse you get from exfoliation also reduces the size and appearance of pores by removing any debris that collects in them.

It gets the most out of your skincare products

Regular exfoliation and removing those dead skin cells also improves the absorption and penetration of your skincare products, meaning you get better results from those products you love! 

Do you have a special event you want to look flawless for? Make sure you exfoliate as part of your skincare routine just prior to applying makeup. This will give you an irresistibly smooth base to start with and you will find your foundation applies more evenly and smoothly - or, hey, you may not even need makeup!

By using the SEEH SMOOTH Exfoliating Facial Polish with CLEANSE Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm one to three times a week, your skin will not only be feeling smoother, brighter, softer, and healthier but also plumper and more hydrated. To kick start your exfoliation routine today, shop now.


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Nice post and good tips for skin care. Thanks for sharing

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Is it good for dry skin?

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