It’s a common story. You come home after a long day exhausted and the last thing you want to do is spend time in the bathroom fiddling with products and removing makeup. But what effect is this habit having on your skin in the long term? Did you know that this simple daily action could make a big difference in your quest for great skin? It doesn’t have to be a chore, but could become a ritual that you enjoy for yourself! Not only that, but removing your makeup before bed could slow the ageing process in your skin and give you the edge you need to look and feel great. So why is going to bed with makeup on such a big no-no?


Going to bed with makeup on causes dryness 

Our skin has a natural protective barrier that stops moisture from evaporating from our skin and helps retain it. We use moisturisers to enhance this natural process. Makeup on the other hand, often contains chemicals or minerals that dry out our skin in the longer term. Leaving them on our skin can cause dryness and dehydration. It also covers the pores, not allowing your skin to breath.

Going to bed with makeup on means you’re not cleansing

At the end of a day filled with the stress and pollution of modern life, a cleansing ritual is essential for healthy and glowing skin regardless of whether you wear makeup or not. If you are not removing your makeup, then chances are you are not cleansing, leaving your skin full of dust, debris and bacteria that can cause irritation, break outs and in some cases other nasties, such as infections.

You won’t get the effects from your skincare at night

Night time is a great time to apply a variety of products, such as serums, oils, moisturisers and masks. The active ingredients work their magic as your sleep without any interruptions. If you have makeup on instead, then you are missing this chance to really let your skincare work for you as you sleep.

You are missing an amazing de-stressing ritual 

Having a beautifying and personal ritual that makes you feel fantastic can really boost your mood and overall wellbeing. Why not try making it a time that you look forward to, instead of a chore to avoid? Invest a little time every night to pamper yourself. A little ‘me time’ goes a long way and it’s not often in a life full of demands that we do things for ourselves. Think of it as a small thing you can do that you know will have a big effect on your wellbeing and your skin.
No matter your age, removing your makeup before you go to bed is essential to cleanse away the day, prevent dehydration and get the best out of your nightly skin regimen. If you are time poor our CLEANSE Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm can remove your make up and cleanse your skin in one go. Alternatively our Microfibre Cleansing Cloth removes makeup using water only! It’s a small task with a big payoff!

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