It sounds almost too good to be true right? In a world of 12-step skincare routines, how can one ingredient help combat SO many skin concerns? At SEEH Skincare we love multi-tasking skincare and that’s why we need to talk about niacinamide!

Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, is a water soluble, skin loving vitamin that has been shown to provide A LOT of benefits when applied to the skin. Found naturally in wholegrains, legumes, and certain green vegetables, niacinamide can improve almost any skin concern, compliments any skin type and has the clinical studies to back it up. It is the most multi-faceted skincare ingredient available on the market and something everyone will benefit from by including in their skincare routine.

Niacinamide is worthy of the hype it has generated over the years, which is why we are so excited about our NEW BALANCE Vitamin B Hydrating Serum; the first treatment serum from SEEH Skincare!

What does it do for the skin?

Like we said earlier, no matter what your individual skin concerns or skin type may be, niacinamide will almost certainly help improve your overall skin health. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Moisturisation and skin barrier health

Niacinamide helps build proteins and ceramides in the skin which are crucial molecules in your skin that keep your skin looking firm, smooth and moisturised. If you are dry and flaky or have sensitive, eczema prone skin then it is likely that your skin barrier is compromised. Studies have show that applying niacinamide onto the skin strengthens the barrier between you and the environment, which minimises trans-epidermal water loss, or TEWL, (i.e. water passing though the skin layers and evaporating off the skin) and prevents a variety of unwanted skin conditions. .

  • Minimises redness

Niacinamide boasts some pretty wonderful anti-inflammatory properties which, together with its barrier repairing benefits, can calm and sooth the skin, and visibly reduce the redness associated with breakouts, eczema, rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions. 

  • Protective and corrective anti-aging benefits

Research has found niacinamide can help to visibly reduce the dark spots and yellowing of the skin that occurs as you age due to the increased sun exposure and environmental stress. This benefit is thought to be due to the increased rate of cell regeneration and associated antioxidant properties. The increased cell turnover, barrier repair and moisturisation benefits that niacinamide promotes also visibly softens and smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  
  • Regulates oil, minimises acne and breakouts

Over production of sebum is one of the leading causes of acne and breakouts. More on this in our blog here. Niacinamide is one of the few ingredients known to regulate the skin’s natural sebum production and prevent the over-production of oil. Don’t forget its anti-inflammatory and anti-redness benefits as well. It’s easy to see why this ingredient is a great one to include in your skincare regime if you suffer from breakouts.

A reduction of oil production also leads us into the next benefit…
  • Minimises pore appearance

Keeping skin smooth, clear, moisturised and balancing out oil production also leads to a natural reduction in the appearance of pores. Studies are still being conducted to completely understand how, but it is reported that it could be due to niacinamide’s ability to balance out and support the skin at the cellular level.


Hands up if you NEED niacinamide in your skin regime immediately, I know mine does!

Well don’t fret. We have included this powerhouse ingredient at the optimal concentration in our NEW BALANCE Vitamin B Hydrating Serum. This quick-absorbing, non-tacky serum also includes a powerful cocktail of humectants that work to attract water into the deepest layers of the skin to provide multi-level, long-lasting hydration. Shop here.

xx Soph

SEEH Skincare Founder

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