‘Tis the season for phrases like ‘New year, New You’, new hairstyles and making long lists of resolutions that generally make it two weeks into January. So rather than the short-lived hopes of returning to the gym or starting a juice cleanse, why not bring in the new year with some game changing, easy and sustainable new habits that will revitalise your look and get you glowing!

1. Up your H2O intake

Drinking water has many health and wellness benefits. As obvious as it sounds, when our bodies are dehydrated, our skin cells are also sallow, dull and prone to dryness. Replenishing hydration topically is important, but can sometimes only deal with the problem at a surface level.

Ditch the coffee, tea, juices and soft drink. Often what is needed is a good old-fashioned glass of water – or eight!

Among other benefits, meeting your daily water requirements plumps your cells from the inside, helps keep your digestive system running efficiently and helps calm inflammation. The result? Naturally glowy, radiant skin!

2. Add a new Active to your regime

If you have had the same skincare routine for a while, and still aren’t seeing the results you want it may be time to add a new active ingredient into the mix.

Select a new active ingredient that is backed by scientific studies, demonstrating clear results for your targeted area of concern.  It could be dryness, inflammation, hyperpigmentation or breakouts. Try something new to elevate your routine. Don’t know where to start? We highly recommend starting with the BALANCE Vitamin B Hydrating serum.


BALANCE Vitamin B Hydrating Serum


It contains a powerful cocktail of humectants that work by attracting water into the deepest layers of the skin to provide multi-level, long-lasting hydration. It also contains active concentrations of Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) to help regulate oil production, reduce the appearance of pores, improve the tone and texture of the skin, smooth fine lines and repair the skin barrier. Niacinamide is a powerful ingredient that literally everyone can benefit from.

3. Prioritise sleep over scrolling

If you are anything like me, you pat yourself on the back for getting into bed before 9pm, and then scroll TikTok endlessly until your eyes sting. Now that is a habit worth kicking in 2022!

Aside from feeling well-rested, 8 hours of sleep also has enormous benefits on our skin.

It reduces inflammation, encourages skin cell rejuvenation and repair, removes toxins and re-balances our skin cells.


The sensitive sleeper’s night time routine for sounder sleep


An increase in inflammation can lead to a breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which are the molecules that make our skin look healthy and plump.

A good night’s rest is necessary to allow our bodies the time to repair and re-balance, so get those hours in. For tips on how to achieve sounder sleep read out blog here.

4. Add a topical probiotic to your skincare routine

Sure, we’ve all heard the health benefits of ingesting probiotics, but in skincare?

Yes! In skincare!

Like our gut, our skin also needs a balance of good and bad bacteria. When our skin’s ecosystem is out of balance, you’ll notice issues such as inflammation, sensitivity and breakouts.

The SEEH Skincare Refresh Balancing Hydration Mist contains active concentrations of leuconostoc, a natural probiotic derived from fermented radishes. Aside from keeping your skin healthy and balanced, this facial mist also provides an immediate hydration boost. We love using this as a toning mist before our moisturiser.

5. Never go to bed without cleansing your skin

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to cleanse your skin daily, even if you aren’t wearing makeup or leaving your house.

Throughout the day dirt, pollutants and dead skin cells build up on our skin and it is imperative to your overall skin health to wash off all that dirt and grime at the end of the day!

The Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm from SEEH Skincare effortlessly dissolves makeup and impurities and gently cleanses the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Forget the makeup cleansing wipes because this will be your new go-to cleanser. This luxurious cleanser is great for all skin types, but especially those with dry and sensitive skin.

For extra glowy skin, we’d recommend using an exfoliator once or twice a week to get rid of any stubborn dead skin cells and to stimulate blood flow.

Our number #1 tip? Sprinkle some of the Exfoliating Facial Polish from SEEH Skincare into your cleansing balm to create your own exfoliator! Make it as scrubby or as gentle as you like, depending on how your skin is feeling!


Whatever the new year brings, we hope it’s a happy and safe one.

Soph xx

SEEH Skincare founder


Vilvah said:

Thanks for the blog! I agree that finding the right skincare products can be a challenge, especially for people with sensitive skin. I hope your blog helps people find the products that work best for everyone.

Lynne Tomlins said:

Dear Sophie, Thanks once again for your useful tips. I hope that your Christmas was full of joy, love and laughter and that the New Year will see your magical skin care range products’ sales escalate. Every woman should try them. The products are so wonderful to use and make one feel so rejuvinated.

My daughter – a trained make-up[ artist – visited over Christmas and she commented on my skin and said that she thought I had an extra glow and a plumper looking skin.

Stay safe and keep well. With warmest wishes, Lynne

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