The change in season is finally here! Say goodbye to the dreary winter blues and hello to the promise of bluer skies and warmer weather (and hopefully no allergy flareups 🤞🏽). 

With the change in season, it is the perfect time to switch up your skincare regime to adapt to the changing environment. But no stress - follow these simple steps to maintain the glow all year round.

Time to adapt your mositurisation steps

Moisturisation is the act of applying occlusive products (like creams and oils) onto the skin with the main aim of boosting the skin barrier and its ability to prevent water from evaporating out of the skin. It is an important step no matter the weather, however there are lots of different ways you can achieve the same outcome. Some products may or may not be suitable for your skin, depending on the environment you are in. 

For example, in the cooler months you may opt for a thicker cream at the end of your skincare routine. Or even a sleeping mask for overnight. 

However as the weather gets warmer, you may find these thicker layers becoming uncomfortable on the skin. Especially in the morning when you always finish with SPF as well.

I always recommend using the NOURISH Superfood Facial Oil in the morning, under SPF and makeup, because it gives you a wonderful glowy base. It is a great primer for your mineral makeup and it is lightweight and absorbs quickly without residue - perfect for the morning when we have 5 mins to achieve greatness!

In winter I apply the RENEW Age Defying Mosituriser as well, but in Spring/Summer I just find it too much. So I save the moisturiser for night-time, because I still need those peptides in my life. 

Hydration is important. Always

As obvious as it sounds, when our bodies are dehydrated, our skin cells are also sallow, dull and dry. In spring, when the sun is drawing us all outside and we find ourselves on picnics and walks lapping up the Vitamin D, hydration is more important than ever. 

We are after all just cucumbers (70% water) with anxiety right!?

So remember to replenish your hydration levels, both through hydration-boosting, humectant-rich skincare and by drinking more water throughout the day.

Annnnnddddd queue the shameless plug for our incredibly quenchy, bouncy treatment serum BALANCE Vitamin B Hydration Serum. Press this into the skin after cleansing and before your facial oil and you are set! It contains about SEVEN different a humectants that work by attracting water into the different layers of the skin to provide multi-level, long-lasting hydration. Along with some other wonderful actives which you will thank me for later. 

Spring clean your beauty cabinet 

NEWS FLASH! Beauty and skincare products don't last forever. Even the best formulated products have an expiry date, especially if they are made with beautiful plant based ingredients. This is usually 6-24 months after opening the product, but it depends on the particular product so always read your labels. 

It is labeling regulation to include a little symbol on the outer packaging to indicate when it is time to restock. Look for the little symbol below:

Period-after-opening symbol - Wikipedia

So while you are dusting those places you havent touched since last spring, its also a great time to spring clean your bathroom vanity and remove (and recycle!) those products that have expired or that you have outgrown. 

Slip Slop Slap! But you knew that already

The number one most common cause of premature aging is sun exposure. While sunshine is incredibly important for Vitamin D levels, bone strength and general happiness, sun exposure can also lead to pigmentation, dehydration and an uptick in visible wrinkles and fine lines.

It is therefore incredibly important that you apply sunscreen (at least SPF30+ but preferably 50+) EVERY SINGLE DAY to prevent further effects from sun damage and pigmentation. Okay, preach over. 


As always, please feel free to contact us for any tailored advice.

Soph xx

SEEH Skincare founder

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